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Date Posted: 2/3/20, 3:17 PM

We are finally at that time of the year again, new year, new me! As for IEG, we thrive to become the national standard for industrial electrical companies around the nation. Our mission and goals stay the same, IEG thrives to keep our customers ladbrokes casino reviewsatisfied. What are some of your goals that you hope will accomplish this year? This month was a great start to the year!


Every year around the holidays, job sites will typically have off, shutdown production, etc. This allows our team to be able to tackle the tasks that we may not be able to get to because of live production going on. During these shutdowns, IEG is all hands on deck, getting as many electricians on a job as possible to work together as a team to get the job done before the job sites start running ladbrokes appas normal operation times again. In this, we get to have our team restore malfunctioning machinery, wire up new production lines, and troubleshoot any problems that a plant may be experiencing. IEG employees put in some serious time in these shutdowns, and we can't be more proud of how our teams handled all the work!

Holiday Party

This year, IEG hosted their annual holiday party at the Charlotte Motor Speedway! All of the IEG employees were invited, in addition to bringing along their families. It was a great evening, ladbrokes casinofull of great conversations, kids running around and playing, family photos in front of an IEG banner backdrop, and great food! Each employee received a gift box with a gift card, a customized IEG utility tool, and customized IEG socks! Each person also received a ticket to drive around the racetrack after leaving the event where the Charlotte Motor Speedway displays christmas lights!

A lot has happened this month, and this was a great start to 2020! Stay tuned next month to see what is happening with IEG in February!



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